Terms of Use

Absolutclick.com is a web marketing services provider that runs a convenient communications network for website owners and advertisers built upon the Absolutclick platform (Website).

One must use Absolutclick.com website strictly in accordance with the present Terms of Use. The present Terms are equally valid for service’s trial usage. Whoever uses the service should comply with the present Terms under all conditions. In case of disagreement with the present Terms, kindly stop using the Absolutclick service.

The present terms feature the conditions of Absolutclick’s platform usage by website owners and advertiser in accordance with the use cases described above.

Absolutclick.com is fully entitled at any moment to edit the present conditions of use by placing the edited version on the Website, with no advance notification for website owners or advertisers by mail or other means.

The user is responsible for checking Absolutclick.com platform on a regular basis to follow any modifications in the Terms of Use. Users who keep using the Website after the modifications has been posted thereon are automatically viewed as having agreed with the changes.

Registering and availing of an account

When creating an account on Absolutclick.com, the user indicates acknowledgment and confirmation of the fact of reaching full legal age according to their country’s law (usually 18+) and completely agrees with the present Terms of Service. In case the user registers on behalf of the legal subject, they by the fact of registering confirm that they are a valid representative of the said subject.

The user who has registered an account bears exclusive responsibility for the usage thereof, and should strictly follow the regulations described within the present Terms of Use and any other conditions mentioned anywhere on the Website.

During signing up, prospective user must specify a valid electronic mail address, a password that would be used for accessing the platform, and fill in contact details and financial info that would be used for payment transactions. The user confirms that the specified address indeed belongs to them and that no one can use it and their account except them. Absolutclick.com can forbid using certain user names and addresses when signing up without explanations. The user is exclusively responsible for the truthfulness and validity of provided details and guarantees to keep private their account info and password. Otherwise the user is responsible for breaking the conditions of use, and Absolutclick can block their account. The user must promptly inform Absolutclick.com on any illegal usage of their account or the fact of their password being stolen. Besides, the user recognizes and agrees with the fact that they are fully responsible for any actions don via their account.

Absolutclick.com is entitled to freeze or block the user account at any moment. Among the possible reasons may be the failure to follow any of the present conditions such as payment order, impossibility to validate the details submitted by user to Absolutclick.com, the apparent illegality of user activity, suspicion of fraud, abuse, or any harm done to Absolutclick.com or our partners.


The user has full access to online statistics that are included in the stats system of ASbsolutclick.com for a month period. Absolutclick always implements approved methodologies and techniques for guiding and analyzing the traffic.
The present Terms as well as the ensuing interaction of Absolutclick.com and website owners and advertisers are to be treated according to the international legal regulations.
Limited usage license:
Absolutclick.com provides the user a usage license for the Website that cannot be transferred and is not exclusive. The license is designed for realizing marketing activity and doesn’t implies the right to any kind of additional commercial activity or inappropriate usage of the Website or its elements.

The license is active within the period of the usage of Website. The license becomes invalid in case of failure to follow any conditions of use of the Website. Besides, Absolutclick.com is not obliged to notify the user of such invalidation.

Absolutclick.com, being the proprietor of the Website, possesses additional rights that are not described above.

Regulations and restrictions:

The user of the personal account and Website agrees to:
• Lift from Absolutclick.com the charge for any mistakes and inaccuracies in the stat reports (the user recognizes and agrees that the stats can be revised exclusively in case of fixing errors, fraudulent activity, etc.) Stats are normally updated few times a day. Stats provided by Absolutclick.com are deemed truthful as opposed to the ones by any third parties.
• Inform Absolutclick by email on the desire to close the account.
• Agree with Absolutclick.com’s conditions of all financial transactions specified on the Website or forwarded to the user by email.

The user of the Website also agrees to:
• Follow the regulations such as Privacy Policy and al additional conditions or terms specified on Absolutclick.com
• Refrain from violating respective laws, norms or legal regulations concerning advertisement, payment procession, consumer rights, order of competition, discriminative, racial, and extremist activities, etc.
• Never provide or advertise fraudulent services and schemes and counterfeit products, Ponzi schemes and quick money making scams, or perform any illegal fraud actions.
• Honor the copyright licenses, trade marks, patents, commercial secrets and the regulations on intellectual property in general, as well as personal rights for private life.
• Respect confidential information and never reveal obligations before any parties involved.
• Delete any advertising content that contains:
• defamation, libel, pornography, threats, and calls for violence
• humiliation of an individual or a group based religious views, gender-related issues, sexuality and sexual preferences, racial and ethnical peculiarities, disability and/or age
• incorrect, misleading and/or patently false data.

• Gather or spread the data of fellow Website users or owners of accounts owners such as their personal details etc, or implement such details for advertising goals, except for the situations when the individuals have provided explicit permission to use these details.
• Provide or advertise any kind of sexual service, which includes pornography and content and services requiring age restriction, etc.
• Use imitative methodologies boost click statistics or implement unfair approaches, be they manual or automatic, that imitate user activities (like including Absolutclick teaser in the buttons, pop-ups, video players, etc).
• Register an account on Absolutclick.com when the user already had one which was banned due to the breaking of rules.
• Perform manipulations and falsifications with identifiers and titles to mask the sources of any materials transferred via the Website.
• Change, adjust, decipher, disassemble, decompile, decompile or manipulate the Website’s software code or its technologies, or copy or imitate the Website by misusing the rights of usage and access.
• Implement malware, viruses and other harming software that can cause damage, affect the work of the Website, steal the data, or be a source of other distinguishable problems with the system, devices, programs or the functionality of the Website.

Copyright Notice
All text and visual materials, source code and any other conceivable information and content related to the Website or available on it are subject to respective copyright and trademark protection regulations as well as other legal norms for regulating intellectual rights. Nobody can copy, imitate, reproduce or otherwise use any elements of the Website.

Advertising materials
Advertisers are subject to full responsibility for any advertising materials they are submitting to the Absolutclick platform. Absolutclick.com doesn’t verify the materials and bears no responsibility for the correctness, fairness or quality of such materials. There are no possible conditions when Absolutclick.com may be in charge of any materials, in particular of any glitches, mistakes or omitted information, or any losses or harm related of the usage of any materials. The user should estimate any risks related to the usage of the advertisement content and be responsible for any such risks.

Links to partner sites
The Absolutclick.com Website can include the links that forward the visitors to the sites that belong to or handled by our partners or third party services. Absolutclick has no influence over and is not responsible for the content and functionality of such partner sites or their products. The users are accessing such partner sites fully at their own risk.

The user must cover any losses Absolutclick.com incurs as a result of any claims, legal fees and other expenses related to: (a) inappropriate usage of the Website; (b) incorrect functioning of the software; or (c) violation of the present Terms.

Financial Policies
Users upon registration must specify truthful information about their full legal name. When the user inquires about the withdrawal of funds to their bank card, the full name specified in the user profile must match the one on the card. In case of discrepancies the withdrawal will not come through and will be denied by the system. The Company is not obliged to and does not perform payments to any outside parties.

The publishers (website owners) receive weekly payments from Absolutclick by bank transfer or to the card. The Absolutclick is fully entitled to modify the payment conditions. The amount to pay can’t be less than $20. In case the balance is below the minimum amount, Absolutclick adds it to the next week’s transaction. The currency of payments is USD or EUR. Absolutclick cannot be responsible for any delays or issues that happen on the side of banking system. The customers must provide up to date payment information. In case such information is incorrect or is changed, the customer is responsible for notifying about it via email no later than three days prior to payment date. Any transaction fees are born by the customer. Absolutclick is entitled to refrain from processing the transaction or freeze it for reasons that include the potential violation of the present Terms Absolutclick is also entitled to subtract the customer’s debt or the fees for the violation of Terms. Absolutclick is not in charge of the customer’s taxes related to their transactions with Absolutclick, which are fully subject to customer’s responsibility according to the regulations of their jurisdiction. Absolutclick reserves the right to freeze payments until receiving all required tax papers from the customer.

Absolutclick is entitled to decide on the methods of calculating stats and payment amounts, in particular the stats of unique visitors, clicks, impressions and income sourced through the website.

Refund rules
Refund is possible exclusively upon mailed inquiry to [email protected] with the description of the proper reasons for it in situations described below:
• Marketing campaign is impossible to start for reasons, in particular, related to non-conformity of advertisement content with the terms or the regulations, inappropriate quality or character of the content, or any other conditions determined by Absolutclick administrators.
• The Advertiser is entitled to ask to terminate the campaign. For this purpose, they should first demand freezing all ads and terminating the campaign and direct a request to [email protected]
Refund is equal to the sum of unused finances. The sum is calculated by Absolutclick based on the data of statistics system.

A refund request is deemed valid when it was directed from the address specified in the user account upon registering.

Refund is impossible if advertiser violates the conditions of service, Privacy Policy or other rules and terms that they have accepted upon registration.

Absolutclick.com doesn’t guarantee reliable and failsafe functioning of the Website in all possible situations. The Website may require the implementation of maintenance measures at any imaginable moment. Absolutclick.com is not responsible for the activities of our customers. Absolutclick.com can ban customers at any moment with no explanations of reasons and refrain from paying in case we suspect the breaching of the terms of usage of Website or the rules of marketing campaigns. Absolutclick.com may ban advertisers if their materials violate the rights of outside parties, and also if they don’t pay in respective time.
Stats on the advertising actions that run on the Website are considered the only truthful resource of information.

Force majeure clause
None of the parties is responsible before the others when the obligations weren’t fulfilled for the reason of force majeure conditions such as tsunami, earthquake and other natural disasters, fire, war, activities of government, strike actions and other conditions that can’t be controlled by the parties.
Absolutclick.com reserves the right to modify the present Terms of Use at any moment. The modifications are valid directly after they appear on the Website.