Privacy Policy (“Company”) is a web marketing platform whose activity encompasses the design and implementation of internet marketing campaigns. The Company, to deliver to Customers the mentioned services, utilizes proprietary tech platform, “Absolutclick”.

The Company ensures the Advertisers (“Customers”) access to the Absolutclick platform and guarantees the display of advertisements to the users, who are their prospective clients. Within the web marketing services, the Company can gather anonymous user information.

The Company strives to guard the user data. To improve the safeguarding of user confidentiality, the Company offers the present Privacy Policy describing the kinds of gathered data, the safeguarding of the data as well as the methods of disabling the gathering of user data.

The Company relies on the Privacy Policy regulations on the gathering and safeguarding of data expounded below.

1. Company is obliged to inform clients and users on the regulations of Absolutclick, the basics and norms of data procession, and the varieties and size of data gathered by
In al cases Company performs processing of user information only when such information was immediately provided by users to the Company.

2. Absolutclick and user data.
Absolutclick, being the provider of web marketing services, can gather anonymized information on the IP addresses, ISP, operating system, browser language settings, the links clicked and the pages viewed, as well as any additional pertinent data on user behavior.
The user data gathered by the Absolutclick platform is used for stats and analytics.

3. Cookie files.
Cookies are tiny files uploaded by to your browser’s memory (in case such option is enabled). They allow the websites and platform to analyze the user activity and collect some browsing data.
The clientele of the Company may implement their proprietary bases that can include personalized info. Such personalized inform is utilized exclusively by the client in question for their explicit marketing targeting purposes.

4. What is the user info used for?
– Correct provision of services
– Enhancing client experience
– Displaying interest-based advertisements
– Statistics and analytics

5. Privacy
The Company is strictly responsible for not passing collected user data to any third party with the exception of providing such data to the parties that act on Company’s commission, and exclusively for providing web marketing services by The Company is only allowed to render user data to third parties in confidential form exclusively under conditions described in the international law and regulations. Absolutclick does not hold credit card info or other financial details on our servers. For processing user payments, the Company implements licensed financial services. According to the suggestions of standards regarding payment via cards, the customer card info is safeguarded with TLS 1.2 encryption and AES protection algorithms.

6. Disabling the cookies.
The users are allowed to ban the Company from gathering their personal and analytical data through the Opt Out option».