1. Ad space – This means where on the page your ad will be placed. We can help you to make the right choice.

2. Targeting – Means that you can target any specific audience or geo, depends on your needs. Our platform has all available target options.

3. Impressions – Literally means how much times each user saw your ad.

4. Banner ads – They are usually used with different types of files such as JPEG or GIF with different sizes – 320×250, as an example.

5. E-mail advertising – This means that you can send to specific users your ad via e-mail.

6. Conversion – Means that if user bought something after seeing any type of ad. Sometimes it means even registration process, depends on the type of model which you would prefer.

7. ROI – literally return of investment. To be concrete, this means how much you have earned from your investments.

8. Ad dimension – means concrete pixels of your ad – 728×90, 600×120 or any other type.

9. Ad agency – is an agency that helps both – publishers and advertisers to start their online campaigns as well as support them.

10. Frequency capping – means how much times per day/week one user will see your ad.