Cookie Policies

Absolutclick statement on implementing the files known as cookies and related approaches.
The present resource utilizes cookies and related methodologies to ensure the greatest usability by managing personalized data, recording settings for the ad and service sections, and aiding in procuring the proper content. If you leverage the present website, you by default confirm that you agree to store cookies according to the terms of the statement. In ca se of disagreement with storing the mentioned files, you are required do change the preferences of your browsing application as well as refrain from visiting
What is implied under cookies and related methodologies?
A cookie constitutes a tiny file that normally includes digits and text. It is kept in the memory of your respective device used for accessing an online resource. The proprietors of web resources favor the implementation of such files with a view of ensuring the functionality of the site or enhancing its efficiency, but another valuable reason is collecting analytics data.

Absolutclick as well as partner service operators may implement various kinds of cookies for our resources:
• Mandatory cookies. Such files are strictly important, since they are in charge of navigating the online site and leveraging its functionalities. The files of this kind aren’t capable of identifying your personal data. In case the user disagrees with using mandatory cookies, this may affect the functionality of site or any of its elements.
• Efficiency cookies. Such files are required for site owners to get an insight into the user behavior by obtaining the data on visited sections and the duration of stay. Besides, such cookies display any issues with the site including failure notifications. This way it’s possible to enhance the site’s functionality. The efficiency cookies are also helpful in estimating the performance of advertisements and optimizing the information to attract more interested visitors. The efficiency cookies aren’t used for identifying you as an individual. The gathered and processed data remains confidential.
• Functional cookies. Such cookies detect the visitors who had been at the site before. They register the conditions of login, the time of entering and exiting the resource and your behavior on the site. Banning these cookies may impact the work and functionality of the site and restrict its availability.
• Marketing cookies. These files register the data on your behavior on the web resources as well as the clicked links and viewed ads. The purpose of these files is to render it possible to display information that suits the user. This also includes providing analytics that help show the ads and other content that precisely match the visitor’s needs. For this task, Absolutclick enters into partnerships with other resources, including marketing and data management networks that have required technologies for the procession of the information in question. Say, a visitor is browsing the page that deals with a specific item. In this case, Absolutclick ensures they will be shown ads related this or analogous item. The received data can be provided to third parties like marketing networks who are capable of processing this kind of info and estimating the ad performance.

What are the methods of collecting and using data?
Absolutclick and its partners can utilize cookies for varying goals:
• Simplifying the obtaining of data on the user visitations for Absolutclick and partners.
• Order processing.
• Analytics of visitor data for improving the site.
• Handling ads, media and notifications designed by Absolutclick and partners on a specific site with taking into consideration visitor’s preferences.
• Procuring the proper content the visitor is looking for.
• Keeping statistics of visits and building models of user behavior to enhance the performance and get insight into the visitors’ preferences.

What is the storage duration for cookies on my computer?
Different cookies may be stored in the memory of your browser application for different time. Most of them are deactivated upon leaving the site. There are also cookies that are kept after closing the browser. They are known as long-term cookies. The duration of storing such files varies. For web marketing services, ad cookies usually stick for up to a month. Absolutclick and partners utilize long-term cookies for different objectives like determining the frequency of user’s visits or the changes in the behavior model over time and measuring the performance of ads.

Who uploads cookies to my personal computer?
Cookies can be uploaded to your computer by Absolutclick administrators. These are considered first party cookies. Others can be uploaded to your browser by our partners, and they are respectively known as third party cookies.

Absolutclick and our partners utilize cookies to get insight into the applications of our resources. Cookies allow to collect and process various types of data can be collected and used, for instance, the info on device platform, browser application, or the source of reference like mail or ad. This helps us offer our visitors wider range of possibilities and build analytical behavior models for the site’s use. The methodologies in question provide the means to detect the number of visitors of a specific place who were redirected from a banner, a text link or any other source. In addition, it allows gathering overall stats on the site’s application to help with analytics and enhancing the site and to render ads according to visitor preferences.

What are the applications of web and mobile ads?
Absolutclick and our providers, such as engineering and service partners, are involved in the marketing efforts that are based on the user preferences by rendering the customized content and advertising that corresponds to such preferences. Our partners utilize cookies within their job as providers of services to us and various other parties. In these cases Absolutclick has no influence over the implementation of the mentioned methodologies or collected data and is not responsible for policies or behavior of such partners. The ads may be rendered based on the nature of your online or mobile habits, your search record, your reaction to other ads or mail, your viewed pages, your location, etc. The ads in question may be shown on our site or the ones of our partners. The partners who provide us technological assistance with marketing endeavors related to visitor preferences may be involved in the self-regulation groups. On the present site you may also be shown the ads of Absolutclick partners based on your viewed pages and activity on this site or others.

How does one handle cookies?
The majority of web browsing applications by default accept cookies. The user has a possibility to modify preferences so that these files would be blocked or they would be notified about the upload of cookies to the browser memory. The methods of handling cookies vary. Refer to browser user guide for the ways about editing default preferences. By turning off Absolutclick cookie files, you risk getting your web experience affected, and you may not receive customized content on In case you implement diverse devices for browsing our resources (like PC, smartphone, etc), you should be aware that each device and each browser requires individual settings.