The question whether CTR is ok or well enough is too complex and requires taking into account many factors and conditions. Sometimes conversions rate makes greater importance rather than CTR.

However, there is a set of points you’d better follow depending on the platform or website you use for marketing aims.

How to define your CTR is good for PPC ads?
Google workers find reasonable CTR in 2%. The very company also says that with higher level of campaign management the concentration should be shifted from click through rate to return on investment.

Online Advertising websites
and experts in the field however think it is normal to have 2-5% of CTR for competitive areas, and not lower than 5%+ for areas with non or low competition factor. The latter situation can be simply explained by the fact that clients with less variants are more likely to click suitable offer. It means that if you are looking for a particular style motor boat the chance to click for ad that may suit you is higher than for red dresses.

Recommendations for CTR on Facebook.
Here people come to relax and socialize, they are not buying mood as they may use AdWords for such purposes and, thus the rates are very low for the area: they are about 0,05 – 0,1% when we speak about high results.

0,02% of CTR on this network is considered to be of low performance by Facebook workers.

Statics of CTR for Banner Ads and Email Newsletters
Average index here is about 0,22- 0.27, while the number of 2% deserves being mentioned as a really good result.

Desirable CTR rate for newsletter walks the line of 10 – 20%, however a lot depends on type of newsletter we discuss. For B2С newsletters normally have lower rates than B2B do.
CTR of 20% and higher can be applied for various highly-targeted correspondence.

AdWords CTR
All the advertisers share one view here as it is the most important rate in marketing. CTR here is meaningful for Google AdWords account, it can reduce costs per click and get higher Quality Score.

It is calculated by getting proportion between the number of displaying a certain ad and the number the ad was clicked.

There is no ideal or perfect point of CTR for AdWords as it may be extremely different for each particular area or industry. We recommend to compare your CTR rate with that one from your competitors.

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