You might have watched old movies about various auctions where a chairman was holding the process in the manner: $10 for the picture – one, $10 – two, $10 – sold to a lady in a young dress. Famous auctions like Sothebies are quite closed places and regular people are unlikely to join it. Well, it was so until recently, but the situation is a bit different nowadays.

Like Chrities, but better – what is real time advertising

The world of marketing has faced significant changes. All the ads were bought mainly manually, but nowadays we have rtb technology.

Real Time Bidding is provided with by thousands of definitions, but its main meaning that the buy-sell process of impressions nowadays remind that very auction. Publishers use ad exchange to sell what they offer and advertisers make bids. The price of rtb ad and number of advertisers interested in, depend on what kind of impression is offered. Everything counts: user’s location, type of the device, type browser, age, location and many others factors.

Why RTB marketing is so popular?

  • It’s cheaper. Human buy-sell process involved a lot of intermediaries, so it was more expensive.
  • It’s highly personalised. Due to ocean of targeting options one can read exactly those customers you are really interested in.
  • It’s transparent. You can easily check how each impression looked like.
  • All the processes are quick, extremely quick. RTB lasts for mere seconds: the deal is made during the page loading.

What about traditional advertising platforms?

No one says that they are going to disappear. The fact is that both approaches are adopting best traits from each other. What is more likely that they will unite and will have something one. No one knows how long it lasts, but marketers, who daily deal with real time bidding, are sure that changes are not far off.

Is it high-time to finish all the campaigns and not to start new ones?

It also never means that one should close all his campaigns on old-style platforms – why break it, if it works? It would be better to start some campaign in RTB network – you will have one more advantage in comparison with those, who hasn’t tried it yet. And a combination of a common approach and a new one may bring even better results.

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