We may follow or skip fashion in our ordinary life, but when we talk about working area, each professional specialist should be in touch with the situation. Nowadays marketing is crazy about 2 things: programmatic and native ads, the worry is even more when both of them are together. So, let’s study out who is who.

Some revision

Native ads is a sort of advertisement where the content adapts to the style, format and other specifications of the website. They look so naturally, as if they are a natural part of the content. Their main feature is minimal intrusiveness.

Programmatic is like a big auctions where all impressions are sold to that advertiser who is ready to pay more. The price of the impression depends on its features: age of the user, gender, location, type of the browser and so on.

What we will have when combine?

Programmatic native advertising helps marketers to promote the ads that will be a perfect match with a common environment of the website.

Why is it beneficial?

First of all, we get all benefits from each approach separately. The point of informative and interesting content is even more intensified here. Programmatic native ad can be implemented for one user or applied on a global scope, thus the effectivity of advertisers’ work is higher than ever.

Good native ad is valuable for users as it delivers pleasant and helpful content, that leads to opening, watching videos and further registration. Programmatic technologies like machine learning and contextual signal has polished its process almost to perfect condition.

It is the best choice when we talk about traffic increasing and improving brand engagement for distant perspective.

Where to buy programmatic native ads?

In programmatic ecosystem there are two sides of the business: Demand Side Platform – where advertisers (individual representatives or the whole companies and networks) make decisions which impressions should be bought and at which cost. Publishers are gathered at Supply Side Platform to make offers. Both of the platforms are united in real time mode.

Guaranteed displays is what new ecosystem offers both parties. Generally the prices is discussed before the impressions will be published on a website. When the conditions are a bit changed, or marketers need to cover another part of audience, everything is easily changed, – all the bids are made in real time.

Bottom line

Programmatic native ads have already shown better efficiency than banner ads. Brands enjoy their benefits from improving relevancy and personalization. But we should be honest, as not all websites are ready for such type of ads. Specialists in the area say that it is high time to get ready right now.

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