Pay-Per-View model is in general quite old model of advertising, where ad owner is charged for displays to the user. Mainly such ads can be characterized by not so high CTR as the amount of clicks is not equal to amount of the times the ad was shown. The advertisers, who are interested in making the company’s brand more recognizable and not in a specific conversion activity, often apply for the model.

Nowdays there are a lot of new pricing models that help advertiser to buy traffic ads and publisher sell traffic.

PPV ads networks charge an advertiser for every viewing that publisher’s website receives. It is a bit similar to pop-traffic, advertiser’s resource is opened in a new window. However, there is a problem, as it is considered as a fraud traffic and is often related as a spyware.

Pay-Per-View networks offer free software and online tools to billions of users and, as a result, get ads. PPV traffic can be obtained from desktop computers.

The quality in the area is quite high as the advertisers can find their audience via keywords and specific websites from particular niches. The ads are cheap, sometimes displays can be obtained just for 1 cent.

All networks of this type usually work on self-service basis. The difference can be in minimum deposit. For some of them $20 will be enough, like AdOnNetwork. However the other will require bigger amounts, $100 – 1 000.

One may get upset after seeing the prices. But a lot may depend on the scope of the Internet you would like to cover. The most important factor is how big is your business, in case it is a local company for 10-15 people involved – large fees in $500 like RTX Platform asks will certainly become a burden that will be hardly compensated. Basic set of options is enough here.

Big companies with turnovers for several billion dollars need another type of treating and 24-hours support will be a must a not a caprice. Experience, reputation, public image, support and other services are included in ppv-networks costs. Variety of PPV advertising networks is enourmous, but it never makes your company worse if you can’t afford the same expenses like Mitsubishi does. You are simply different.

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