It is a very common story from marketers to hear that they tried Google AdSense, but low clicks of level was too frustrating. Affiliated marketing with all that seemingly simplicity has turned out quite a complicated thing. It should have been stopped one day, and it becomes possible with CPA marketing.

Main idea of the payment model that you get (or pay) money when a specific action was taken by user: it can be your conference program loading, subscribing to the news or even buying something.

How to start CPA marketing?

We have collected some ideas for you to get into the river easier and already prepared.

Find a product to offer

Such places like oDigger usually have a lot of things in stock. After selecting the best variant for you – study all options and conditions about it.

*If you feel it difficult to find a product of your niche, try to switch on age demographic and an overall picture will become much better.

Work on your website

Integration is not so big deal, a secret here is to have a good design. You may not believe it, but integration of offers into useful tools will help you to earn a fortune.

Work on your website 2.0

There should be somebody who will click on your ads and makes desirable actions – you need traffic. Use SEO tricks or you can promote your website in social media – actually, there are even more legal variants.

CPA marketing tips

There is something more you certainly should know.

  • Be very attentive with the networks you choose. Read feedbacks and reviews, opinions from those who have already participated. Tempting order may become a fraud and instead of money you may have some nuisances.
  • Be in harmony with your network manager. He is a source of information in the environment for you.
  • Try to use two networks for promoting one product. When you see a rate rise in one of them, you can ask for better conditions for you. But again, it is possible in case of good communication with your manager.

How do you make money with CPA marketing?

Share with us your experience. We are sure, we have what to discuss.

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