There are so many notions and ideas beginners in marketing should keep in mind, so we would like to cover the most basic things in types of online advertising to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Banner (media) ads
It can be said as the oldest variant of ads. They can be static or animated. Banners usually contain an image and attracting text. By clicking the banner a person is redirected to a related website of an advertiser.
Banners can be used for new brands as well as for old-timers. The only problem is that users often don’t see them as ad-blocking programs successfully work to hide them.

Contextual ads
Everybody knows this open secret that we leave many traces while surfing the Internet. All the data collected is anonymous, but the system analyzes your search requests and websites you go to and ads offer you goods or services of related topics.

Native ads
We’d rather say they are ads of high level. The ads here look so natural one may not recognize them, as full compliance to a website design, style and other options is made. What is really cool here, ad-blocks can’t detect them.

Viral ads
According to its name, an ad is transmitted on the Internet like ARVI in mid-season times. It should be an eye-catching image or a video, something extraordinary that make people look at them problem different or maybe to shock (there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but one should be extremely careful here). This ad works on awareness of a new product or for promotion of existing one.

Targeted ads
These ads look like a block containing an image with textual announcement to attract targeted audience.
Use it when you want to inform about special events or when there is a need to promote a public image, services or goods for new or well-known companies. The ad will be beneficial to brand awareness a lot, so a good image here is half of the deal.

It can hardly be said as a type of ads, but it works a lot to put a website on first top positions. Its main goal to attract customers and increase number of sales. The technology is great and constantly developing, but main problem here is that it is pretty difficult to forecast result and, in whole, it may become not so evident immediately.

Which is a benefit of advertising online?

1. Cover of target audience.
In comparison with TV, your ad is to be tuned the way that people of a specific region, age etc. will see it. On television only time can be chosen, the results are vague and hardly countable.
2. Many methods to advertise.
The patterns we have described are not the only one, teaser ads are becoming more popular nowadays. At least, you can combine several ideas to have better results and find your way.
3. Online ads are cheaper and quicker
4. To make banner for a website will cost you less money than making a video for a TV ad. It will require some time to launch a big advertising campaign, but a contextual one can be started just in few minutes.

Cost of online advertising

Price here is calculated according to several factors:
• The area of your company, how competitive the market here is. If you are selling products for children care, the cost will be more than for goods for handicraft.
• Who will see your ad and their location. Display of an ad in Prescott will cost less than for New York.
• Keywords you use. People will see your ad after typing certain word combinations (key-phrases). The more popular words you want to take, the more you pay.
• Model of payment. You may use CPC, CPM, CPA and other models – everything depends on your marketing goals and specificity of your company and campaign in whole.

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