When you launch your business, for example, you may sell furniture of a unique design and material and you want to have your website – you will obviously need people to drop into it. So, the utmost question in this case is where to get traffic to your web resource?

Veteran marketers will immediately advise you to apply to traffic networks. By the way, don’t get confused if they name it Banner Network or Traffic Broker. It generally implies traditional approach of posting ads on publishers’ websites.

Where to go?

Everything seems to be very simple, however there is something you should remember. In the variety of ad networks it is important to answer such questions like:
What is my audience looking like?
What type of content do they need?

A life working law that if you want to catch a fish, you should think like they do. People often think about paid search results – it’s a good idea, but what will you do, if your audience is interested in video content? It sounds unbelievable, but popular YouTube is a good means of obtaining traffic.

A word in defence to paid search. Guys, it is an excellent tool, but if you are not proficient in ad campaigns, you’d better postpone it a little bit for later, otherwise you risk to have been stripped in a very short time.

Advertising networks offer a great number of options for targeting, thus, it makes no difficulties to get USA web traffic or Chinese, or any other you may need.

Those, who want a ray of light in the realm of darkness should consider social networks. So many man hours were burnt in Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Nobody can offer you better demographics than they do. Of course, there should be understanding for which audience your website is, as people from the very United States and European Union will prefer using Zuckerberg’s social network, while other locations may be interested in something different.

At the beginning of Internet development people were chatting, so history repeats itself. Young generation really like using messengers like Snapchat. Probably, that’s the reason that some social network apps have a separate app of a messenger. So, think of it your product is designed for age of Z-generation.

A bottom line

Traffic networks are on peak of their popularity. Individual cooperation with each website owner will not give you high results, but wasting of time and nerves. And seeming money saving will turn into nothing. Keeping up-to-date means using modern tools and be even a step forward than rivals.

What about your experience in traffic networks, what difficulties did you face?

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