Many people are afraid of launching their business because they think that it is difficult and expensive to start an advertising campaign, which will help develop their business and reach a target audience. Thanks to the development of modern technologies, today we can promote brands with low investments. There are plenty of advertising platforms, which offer to place your ad for a small commission or even for free. Let’s observe, how you can effectively advertise your product having a small budget.

Low-cost ideas for business development

For the owners of startups or for any small business, it is vital to build a marketing strategy. Even with little money, it is possible to spread your message among the audience and promote your brand. Consider the methods, which are available at low costs:

  • traditional advertising
  • social media advertising
  • outdoor advertising
  • online advertising.

As for traditional advertising, it is possible to use the radio (for example, it is effective to become a sponsor of a contest or live broadcasting), newspapers (thus, you can reach local consumers. It is important to select the right section and advert variety), magazines (they are useful for the brands, which focus on visuals), TV (the choice of local channels can save lots of money), shows/events (it is applicable for marketers focusing on a definite industry/niche), etc.
Social media. There are plenty of ways to promote your brand with the help of social networks. You can use:

  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat (for the creation of social posts and provoking of sharing)

It is also effective to cooperate with influencers. Online advertising is one of the cheapest and most productive ways to promote your brand. It is effective to use the following methods:

  • ‘Google My Business’. Create a page on this platform and add the data about the name, contacts, site, and other features of your brand. The application of the platform is free of charge.
  • Paid search. It is connected with the users, who are looking for certain information on Google or other search engines using the key phrases.
  • Sponsor articles. You can use blogs or other resources with many visitors and place your content on them paying a small commission.
  • Banner ads. If you place it on local sites, it will cost you less compared to national/international resources.
  • Sponsor products. It is useful when you apply a large platform such as eBay. You can boost the displays of your offers.
  • Native adverts. Such adverts suit the content of the page you select for the placement. For instance, if it contains a video, you can create a short video ad.
  • Email marketing. Use email to send promotional and informative letters to the customers.

Outdoor advertising is a chance to show something new to the audience tired of online adverts. Use the following tips:

  • organize the area near your location in the right way (you should place clear and visible signs letting know about your business)
  • buy a billboard space
  • use digital boards to capture the attention
  • use special vehicle wraps with your adverts (if your business owns cars)
  • look for the unconventional locations to place your ads (for example, you can use the space in the elevators, on shopping carts or nearby the escalators).

Tips for effective promotion

The application of the right ways of advertising can save lots of money. However, it is not enough. For sustainable growth and income, it is vital to follow the advice:

  • make a well-thought plan with long-term and short-term goals
  • create your website
  • use SEO
  • create profiles for your business on the popular social networks
  • order business cards and stationery
  • give your cards to the customers (and to anyone, who can help your business)
  • cooperate with the vendors
  • take part in the professional meetings/events
  • become a member of local business groups
  • post interesting things about your brand
  • ask for the customers’ feedback
  • organize demonstrations
  • find the information about governmental programs to help develop your business.
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