Your own website or blog is a way of getting new information for the audience you work for. But, you also get something from it – yes, some financial revenue. We do not offer to ask money from visitors, but earn on selling advertising space on your website. This way of making money is not so difficult, but the more popular your website is, the bigger the traffic you generate – the more money you will have in your pocket.

What you should know before selling the ad space?

Traffic amount. Generally, the requirements are about 200-250 visitors per day. You may have some more sophisticated conditions, it depends on the network you will choose.

Honesty is the best policy. No fraud clicks or malicious software is allowed. Technical level allows to track it all at once and ban the breaker.

Check your content to be unique, useful, interesting and relevant to the area you represent. Websites with illegal photos, videos, calls to arms, to strikes and similar things will be categorically rejected.

Appearance. You cannot make the first impression a second time – your resource should be pleasant to look at, convenient and have a soft-core design.

How to sell your ad space?

After polishing your website we can proceed to the deal. So, what you can do?

Participate in affiliate marketing network

Its main benefit that you don’t have to spend money for creation a new product – you only need to promote existing ones. You will be given money every time a visitor will click on the ad and makes a purchase. You can promote several goods, just to be sure.

Contact potential advertisers directly and offer your space

It is easy as ABC. You will spend some time for negotiations (price, ad locations, type of ad and others), but you will have more money than doing the same via a network.

Join programmatic networks

Bidding system accepted there will let you sell your space at very high rate sometimes. Main advantage of such place is focus on each particular impression and its features like age of the visitor, location, gender, type of the device and so on. Deep personalization offers websites with very low traffic to succeed.

Banner, display or pop-up – what is the best?

Try these the most popular types of ads on your website to see which one is the most effective. Or maybe there will be two of them?


Making money from your website is not a shame, but a way to compensate somehow your investments, as they are not always financial, but moral as well. If you are working with your child really well, it takes time to find the material, to promote and improve – why not to have some reimbursement. There are only 2 things one should keep in mind: you will spend a lot of your free time when just start with advertising and the income may be not so high, but everything comes with patience and experience. And, second, be reasonable: people don’t like ads. They have already worked out advertising blindness, but if your website was a piece of eye freedom and now everything has changed so dramatically – you risk to lose your loyal followers.

Good luck in finding your way!

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