Paid advertising is any type of advert, which you should pay for. In this case, advertisers are to pay to publishers (the owners of advert space) for the placement of their ads. The process might be agreed upon by means of direct communication (personal or by email) or via a bidding system.

The meaning of paid advertising for marketing

Paid adverts are more effective compared to any other ways of promotion. Using such a method, it is possible to expose your product or service to a larger audience. Paid adverts might have various locations:

  • sides of the pages
  • bottoms
  • tops.

It is always possible to pay more in order to place your ads on more popular resources and attract more traffic. There are various types of paid ads, such as:

  • display adverts
  • text adverts
  • video ads, etc.

It is also possible to use native advertising platforms or social networks (including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) for the placement of the paid adverts.

Pricing models

Let’s consider the most popular models, which are preferable for modern marketers:

1. CMP (or PPV advertising)

In this case, the payment is made for a thousand impressions. The latest are a number of times the advert is displayed to the users. Clicks and other actions do not matter here. Such a model is preferable for display ads because they are visual. It has the following advantages:

  • low investments (the rates for this model are usually quite low)
  • the ease of budget control (because you always know how much money you spent and where your investments are going)
  • a guarantee of the desired number of ads displays.

There are also certain drawbacks. For instance, if people don’t click on your ads and don’t convert into the consumers, there are risks to spend lots of money in vain. Besides, it is hard to calculate ROI rates until the campaign is over.

2. PPC

The advert is paid when a user clicks on it. It is a more advantageous model because you can be sure that your ad is not just viewed but interacted with. This model is mostly used for text adverts sometimes with small pictures. The price for the adverts is defined by means of the marketplace value of keywords measuring. PPC possesses many benefits:

  • the ease of tracking
  • the necessity to pay only for the required clicks
  • low risks of overspending
  • the possibility to change the budget in real time
  • significant traffic attraction (in the case of a good optimization)
  • cost effectiveness.

Sometimes this model turns to be expensive because of a large number of competitors. At the same time, if you don’t choose the competitive PPC, there are risks of getting minimum traffic. Another important thing is optimization. If you do not make it in time, you can lose your money.

3. CPA

It is one of the most effective models because you need to pay only when a definite action is fulfilled.

Tips for paid advertising application

There are several tips, which are able to make paid ads more effective:

  • The magic of keywords. Young marketers usually do not care about long-tail keywords. However, they are very useful compared to broad keywords. In fact, there is no necessity to find the highest-traffic keywords. Your task is to discover the words/phrases your customers use to find you. Long-tail keywords are more specific. They are responsible for the greatest amount of search-driven traffic.
  • Define the territory. There are plenty of locations for paid ads. Remember that each site has its own weaknesses and strengths.
  • Prepare a tracking system. You should be able to monitor how each of your ads works. One of the effective tools is Google Analytics.
  • Create a landing page. It should be a unique page with a call-to-action.
  • Keep monitoring the results at least, every week. However, it is not advisable to monitor your campaigns every day, as the analytical system needs time to gather the information.
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