A great buzz is around native advertising nowadays. Its popularity seems not to fall down and marketers has decided to combine it with not less popular programmatic ecosystem. And the results of native programmatic were just great!

If you remember, Advertisers generally use DSP platform to buy impressions from publishers. The accent on personalization has become more significant. We have prepared a small instruction for those who feels being ready with the technologies we have prepared a short guide with some musthave information.

How to start programmatic advertising wisely?

  1. Make some research before taking any actions.
  2. Study the guidelines from the verticals you have chosen, what they offer on what conditions and so on. They should also support a wide number of affiliate networks.
  3. Have a look at planning tools available. Here you should think about existing traffic volume for targeting criteria you need; what is the amount of the lowest bid, which one is winning and how often your ads will be showed during a daytime.
  4. Be careful with your budgets. Generally, marketers recommend to spend near $1 000 to have sufficient data for your programmatic native campaign. But if you have less, invest as much as you can. Avoid “asap” option as all your money will be used in a very short period, so you will not have a chance to understand the results you got. Try to use one Ad Exchange for the campaign, otherwise – invest more money.
  5. Be careful with your targeting. Different types of the devices means different users behaviour and efficiency has a bit different understanding.
  6. Make creative ads, but be reasonable with the amount. 5 is enough.
  7. Have a constant eye on your campaign. The same as evolution process has cut us off from unnecessary body options, the same you should get rid of all ineffective elements.

We hope the food for thought we have provided you with was relevant and useful. To be honest, it is not so horrifying as it may seem, especially when you have already learnt something. Good luck!

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