Have you ever found that an article seeming really interesting turns out to be an elaborate advertising? What did you you feel at that moment?

Only small percent of people were really excited about high quality of the ad, while a lot feel annoyed by spending precious time for reading an ad copy.

Native ad is responsible for such tricks. So, let’s study the phenomenon more precisely.


Native advertising – is a natural type of ads, that takes shape, form and characteristics of the platform it was displayed. It doesn’t look like a typical advertising and is expected not to cause rejection from the reader and helps to go round advertising blindness.

Researches are absolutely sure, native ads will win bigger places in the advertising. It is expected over 9 billion dollars will be spent for advertising, and this sum will be repaid.

Near half of the respondents mentioned that native ads is more pleasant looking, while the fifth part of them has confirmed to be ready to purchase after reading native ads and not common one.

Why we can win using it?

  • All the materials for advertising are certainly to be posted on the resources with big traffic;
  • The audience become more loyal due to high quality of the content and use it brings to the users;
  • No opportunity to block these ads in comparison with banners;
  • Flexibility – native ads are easy to adapt and scale to any pages and resource (photo, video, instructions etc.).

Types of native ads

  1. Sponsorship content. This material can be published on any media resource, including social media, and is always marked something like “on demand”, “special project”, “sponsored by”. However, the mark is usually very small and people are unlikely to pay attention to it, as they are attracted by the title and, probably, content.
  2. Recommended content. It can look like a list of recommendations for reading, selections of advice on a special resource and so on. We can see these ads in the mobile apps, they are published in the same style as main menu, but has a mark “ads”. Visit CNN website, for example.
  3. A post in a newsfeed. It is a common case to see a special advertising post among typical ones your friends or communities have published.

Some words to sum up

We are all sick and tired of various banner ads that is twinkling and trying to grab us in every corner of the Internet, if it may be said so. So, banner ads can become a ray of light in the darkness of web world where users can spend time they want to without being distracted.

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