Application developers often think that making the app itself is the biggest work. However, it is not so simple. The point is that there are nearly 5M apps in the stores and the issue how to get people to download your app is also quite huge and important. Eye-catching icon or description is not enough, now you should think how to make your product the best in line. There are special departments working on promotion in big companies, and our guide is for those who has to deal with all that stuff individually.

Some thoughts before you start

Publishing in app is not enough, people should know about it somehow. The same as for opening a cafe, you should tell people that you exist.

You have certainly answered yourself what your app is about, which problems it solves and so on. But it gets a bit different view when you promote already existing one. We use from 7 to 10 apps on a daily basis, and it’s a wonderful stroke of luck to be included in the list – so, you will have to work really hard.

How to do it? Marketing strategies for mobile apps

Publish it

When the issues with web app marketing planning are completed, it’s high time to choose a suitable app store. Don’t hurry to knock on AppStore or PlayMarket. Surprisingly, there are plenty of alternatives for them. Everything depends on which audience you are going to cover, as Chinese and European users will require different places.


Work with keycollectors for you to get the most relevant keywords that people may use to find the apps in your area. These words should be included into profile of your app so that you could have the most accurate targeting.

Write creative description

Tell people what they can do with your product. The story should be light, understandable and rememberable. Also add an icon. It is like writing to a penpal you have photo – the communication becomes more personalized, people become more open.

Stars and feedback

People are ready to buy or download something when they have positive feedback from others, it inspires trust. However, users are quite lazy and you can stimulate them by offering a part of paid content or some more game features. It is some kind of praising and thanking to them to find a minute for you.

Apply to mobile advertising platform

Their main benefit is that they take all the business on their own, while you can spend your precious time for working on your app or something other important and pleasant. They will ask some money for their work, but the information and advice they can give are costless – it can start from icon re-designing and description writing up to the whole concept and its management.

Announce your app in social network

No matter whether your mobile app for business or pleasure, this marketing approach will be beneficial for both directions. People spend so much time on Facebook, so you should certainly come where the party is.

Create your website

Kill two birds with one stone: post news, bug fixes and new releases – all that matter on your website. It shouldn’t be hug, but at least some pages where people can get necessary information. Modern CMS like WordPress make the deal easy and enjoyable.

Keep your head up!

The best app in the world is a good concept, but it has to pass a long way for people to recognise it. One channel may not work or bring not the results you have expected, use another or adopt two or three of them – depends on how much time you are ready to devote for it. You can have a look at your colleagues in the field, what they use and how you can adapt it for your needs. It is very likely you’ll find your working way after several attempts.

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