LinkedIn is a non-typical social advertising platform. It has strongly marked professional character. The founders of the network claim the platform as a network designed for search and establishing business relationships. A lot of advertisers prefer not to deal with the platform, as they think it is used by recruiters and job-seekers.

Absolutclick is absolutely sure that LinkedIn is a perfect place for B2B business. Why?

Positioning speaks for itself. Remember, users give a lot of true information about them, and they do it willingly. In fact, the profile really looks like the resume. It won’t be difficult to find the professional you need, while a detailed targeting tuning is even easier. But, first things first.

How to use LinkedIn for ad campaigns

Experts studied the peculiarities of the network and the lesson they have learned is as follows: if you want to get a number of conversions, you should have propositions relevant to personal or professional desires of target audience. The reason is that LinkedIn is a channel oriented not only on desire to do something, but a desire to tell about themselves and look at others.

People do not drop into LinkedIn not to resolve problems of their company, but because of their own egoistic reasons. They may search for work, do some networking, curiosity (who studied my profile?). Thus, your offer should be clearly directed to the people who make the goal of your targeting, their interests should correspond to your products and services.

OptinmizePrime experts insist on high level of effectivity of LinkedIn campaigns. Main piece of advice from them is to focus on positions: positions gained a reputation of as the best possible among all possible options. People are precise at describing their positions and this point will give you exact targeting criteria.

Not sure yet? We have prepared 5 reasons to start advertising on LinkedIn

  1. Four times higher engagement. The reason of such growth is hidden in the reason of visiting. LinkedIn audience signs up to find detailed information about the company, clarify contact information. Thus, there can be more conversions from LinkedIn
  2. Broad coverage of statuses. Algorithms of technical coverage on LinkedIn are different from other networks, that is why a refreshed status of the company covers nearly 20% of target audience
  3. More than a half of international companies have profiles on LinkedIn. According to Forbes, nearly 57% of companies are registered on the network and actively use it for promotion
  4. The conversions are higher than Facebook can offer. HubSport has made its marketing research and came to conclusion that conversions rate there is 2% higher than trendy Facebook can provide with
  5. Audience trapping. There’s a nice tendency appearing of increasing of visit depth of views and engagement of users with professional network LinkedIn. If you still have no profile in this system, you definitely lose a great part of your audience.

Basic ways of promoting on LinkedIn

Actually, there are two ways of doing it.

Passive strategy. Just create your profile and keep it up-to-date. People can find you when they search information about you, read the news about the company and get in touch with workers to build partnerships.

Active strategy supposes more active behaviour and is more time-consuming, but the results are also higher. What to do:

  • Regularly update statuses of your company: share your news, events and publish links to your blog
  • Join professional communities: build an image of expert in your field among LinkedIn players that create groups. Share your opinions, participate in discussions, but never spam
  • Always answer the questions, even hard questions need attention
  • Register your workers. You will have more mentions of your company and a community will improve the image of your brand
  • Do search new workers on LinkedIn. It is a wonderful option to get in touch with your potential colleagues and tell that you exist and what opportunities you have to offer.
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