Today almost everyone understands that if we sell good traffic, we are able to get significant revenue. Monetization is a wonderful way to make your hobby or part-time occupation a profitable thing. All you need is to spend some time and make efforts.

Top ways to make money

Let’s consider the most effective methods, which might help you increase your income:

  1. PPC advertising. Marketers prefer using native advertising platforms for their ads. One of the most popular platforms is AdSense. Becoming a part of this Google network, publishers make their inventory available for thousands of advertisers. Thus, every time the ad is clicked, you are paid.
  2. Affiliate marketing. It is not just a popular but also fast way to earn money. Find a product you like and promote it on your website adding an affiliate link. Every time the link is clicked and a product is purchased, you get paid (up to 70% of a price).
  3. CPM advertising. Publishers are paid for a thousand impressions. Thus, the more traffic you have, the more your commission will be because it depends on the views. It is the best and easiest way to start earning with a blog or site.
  4. Sponsored content. Such content is usually connected with the webpage it is located on. Thus, it does not look disturbing or annoying to the visitors, which is a great advantage for publishers. The materials are useful, valuable, and relevant.
  5. Advert space selling. Instead of using AdSense or other means to work with the inventory, it is possible to sell the space directly to companies, which are searching for sites/blogs to sponsor. Your income depends on the number of visitors.
  6. Subscriptions/paywalls. They are valuable content, such as courses, e-books or various downloadable materials.
  7. Your own digital products selling. If you think about making money on selling, it is more profitable to offer your own products. Thus, there will be no cuts from the money you earn. However, this method requires much time and resources.
  8. Related posts. It is a wonderful way of advertising, which is not considered spammy. It has a good reputation and can become really effective. You can use, for instance, Disqus.
  9. Leads generation. Depending on the category of your site, you can provide marketers with important information for the attraction of new customers. They are always searching for new and effective ways to reach their audience.
  10. Email advertising. Such a method guarantees higher engagement rates.
  11. An e-commerce website. It is necessary to find a unique niche to create such a resource. Besides, it is vital to have a well-thought strategy to reach success. Make sure you are aware of the latest marketing tools.
  12. Podcast advertising. Over 50% of customers make purchases after listening to an advert.
  13. Websites selling. Selling ready-made sites it not that profitable but it still brings money. For this purpose, you can use special markets, for example, ‘Flippa’.
  14. Text-link adverts selling. Note that it breaks Google’s Terms of Service, so there are risks to be penalized.
  15. Monetization widget applications. It is a nice alternative to the AdSense platform.
  16. Job board creation. You can get extra money when people accept the offers from different firms.
  17. Consulting services, it is not a passive way of moneymaking but it does not require long preparations.
  18. Pop-ups display. They are annoying to the users but it is a fast way to make money.
  19. Content locking. You can show just a part of the content to make the visitors fulfill certain actions.
  20. Gigs writing. You can easily earn extra money offering articles writing for other companies.

It is a good decision for those, who are able to speak several languages because the majority of companies want their sites to be translated.

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