It is not a secret that work with content is one of top trends when we talk about clients’ attraction. Work with blog allows companies to have their own powerful marketing tool that exactly covers this purpose.

A good blog, the same as advertising platform for business promotion, is not only a way of attracting attention to your business, but a good tool for positioning. Thus, companies can directly state how they differ from rivals and why clients should choose only them.

Starting a blog is half of the business, but the next problem you will face very soon is about what to write. It will be honest to say that only editors or journalists can easily answer this question.

Absolutclick has decided to help you and created a list of 10 ideas for publications in blog to increase traffic, attract clients and build good relations with customers.

1. Your clients success stories

This approach is widely used for B2B businesses. Get in touch with one of the most blossoming of your clients who reached this level with the help of your company. Interview him and publish the story in case he doesn’t mind.

2. Tendencies and trends

Show your expertness level in discussing of the trends you work in. You may think that the ideas for discussion are too obvious, but it in most cases it is a misconception. A lot of things you just feel can be a great news for your audience.

3. Book review

Don’t hesitate to share your opinion about the book related to your niche. People are generally very positive about recommendations, especially if it corresponds to their interests.

4. Confess your faults

Everybody makes mistakes, but not all are ready to say they were wrong. Show the story of your faults and which lessons you’ve got from it.

5. Launch a line of articles

Take a big topic and dig into it. Publish one of it once a week during a month term. It is a good trick to make your clients to come back to you again.

6. Create a list of top articles in your blog

If your blog is not young, you can tell audience what publications attracted most attention or caused more comments.

7. Ask leaders of your niche

Nothing special, but make an article containing like 12 opinions from top leaders of your area. Don’t forget your respondents to mention your publication on their websites.

8. Show backstage

People are very curious about things behind the curtains. You can share peculiar moments of your work processes organizations, everyday life of your company and, thus, to prove your experience in the niche you are in.

9. Have a look at competitors

Your rivals probably do some investigations during blogging – why not to have a look at their conclusions? Your task is not to make blind copy, but adapt the topic for your needs and cover it from some other side.

10. Unconventional approach

Create a list of 10 cool or unusual ways how your product can be used. Add some ironic comments or illustrations to be more vivid. For example, how to turn old iPad into a perfect cookery book for your granny.

There are some points to mind

Of course, one should be regular in blogging. But, let’s be even more precise here. Actually, it will be a good idea if you create a doc where you plan what and when to publish. There’s nothing bad in making corrections, but clear understanding what to do will make you feel better. Exact date of realization should be also marked.

Allocate a day for reviewing your articles: which of them turned out to be the most interesting for your readers or caused more comments and so on.

All unexpected publications (you have to react on the outside world) should be also marked with the date and a reason for posting.

Nobody doubts that even a little publication a page length may take you long time to find information and verbalize ideas. Mark in your calendar 2-3 days before the date of publication and get to work.

As you can see, content planning is not difficult at all. We hope to hear from your brilliant blog soon!

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