Can you name right now what are online advertising platforms you offer your company in their ad campaigns? Let me guess, they are certainly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. What about others? Don’t you have that awkward feeling that we both are skipping something important?

Have you ever thought about Amazon?

Just a year ago, in 2018, Amazon has launched its Amazon Advertising platform. You could have heard about it as Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). The system has a lot in common with Google as advertisers pay only when their ad was clicked.

Well, we in Absolutclick are strongly of the opinion you should include this platforms into your campaigns. Why? Let us explain. Nearly three quarters of Amazon buyers use search panel to find products and search advertising is the very means for brands to show their uniqueness.

Besides, Google and Facebook are predicted to be not the only monopolists and Amazon is expected to join them quite soon. We think they will make the great Three in very short terms.

Amazon has stopped being just a great online mall. This advertising platform is often used for pricing checking, new products discovery and clients in general start their shopping from this playground.

Some words about ad expenses

As we have said, Amazon has the same pricing models as Google, but the costs are significantly lower. One click is unlikely to be higher than $0.35 here. That’s really a bargain! Mind that fact there are a lot of commercial offers and the buzz becomes really tasty.

How to build your advertising strategy on Amazon

There are only three pieces of advice to succeed:

  1. Define your goals: Sales increasing or brand awareness can be easily realized there and Amazon has a decent set of tools for tracking your progress;
  2. Select right products for advertising: Clicks are converted into conversions when the most popular products are sold. Check they are in stock and their prices are competitive;
  3. Make your pages be laconic and persuasive: nothing special, but detailed descriptions, descriptive headings, quality images and as much useful information about the product as possible.

How to make your Amazon advertising the most effective – 5 key tips

One campaign for one product group

You may feel AMS very similar to AdSense and in this case you will understand that each campaign should include only one group of main products. And then you can create groups of ads inside of each category.

Be creative and urgent

Certainly, you should be precise about what you sell and what the features of the product are. Besides, if possible, ad something that will make your clients at least smile.

Another good trick is about time limits. It makes people feel the value of your offer.

Create your ads so that even a pest would be satisfied

Of course, it is very difficult to fill in all the information about the product into small space. But, before one opens your offer, he should know at the first glance about the volume, manufacturer, origin and other key feature of the bottle of water you want him to buy.

Have a look at your competitors

You are certainly not the only one in the town to sell backpacks. You can offer your items in case you know the words your clients use to find necessary product. Another issue is that which keywords and combinations are used by those who is in the business too.

Exclude negative keywords

If you sell champagne, there certainly can be a person who is looking for a cushion in this colour. The point is that you will have to pay for this click too. It doesn’t seem terrifying for one occasion, but when it comes to a thousand of cases?

You may feel a bit conservative when tune everything according tough types of correspondence, but at the same time, you save your money and spend them on those, who are really interested in you.

Amazon world has certainly much more interesting things. Have you already tried selling with them – write us about your experience!

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