Facebook is the most popular social media network around the globe. It is used by billions of users from various parts of the world for communication, opinions/experience sharing, search for information about products/services, purchases, etc. That’s why Facebook became the largest social media platform for advertising. With the growing number of advertisers and advertising materials, the requirements used on the platform become stricter. Today we are going to observe the prohibited advert types and other guidelines for Facebook advertising.

Which adverts are not allowed?

Marketers often face the problem of adverts blocking. It is connected with the fact that there are certain types of adverts, which are prohibited to place on this platform:

  1. Content for adults. Any sexually aggressive/explicit materials are strictly prohibited. Such a rule concerns adverts containing:
    • nudity
    • materials, which allude to sexual activity
    • body parts-focusing materials
    • implied nudity
    • materials demonstrating excessive visible skin.
  2. Harassment speeches. Any posts with humiliating content, which expresses hate or uses harassing language, are banned. The adverts should never discriminate people on the basis of age, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
  3. Drugs. The prohibition concerns illegal and prescription drugs. The same is for any illegal substances. There must never be any references to such things. What concerns prescription medications, only pre-approved pharmacies & drug firms have the right to promote them on Facebook.
  4. Alcohol. It is possible to advertise alcohol only to the audience with an age restriction (and only in the countries, where it is not prohibited by law).
  5. Tobacco and related products. It is allowed creating the groups connected with such products only in the cases when they are not connected with sales (in any possible way). The images with smoking people or other related pictures are not acceptable. It is only allowed creating anti-smoking campaigns.
  6. Dating sites. Any resources created for finding adult friends cannot be advertised on Facebook.
  7. Weapons/explosives/ammunition.
  8. Services/products used for the promotion of the illegal activity.

    Consider the most common reasons for the rejection of FB ads:

    • the use of prohibited materials
    • the presence of mistakes on a landing page
    • the use of restricted materials
    • the presence of mistakes in the adverts (too much text in the image, the application of personal targeting attributes, inappropriate application of FB logo or brand name, disruptive adverts, spammy ads, etc.)v
    • non-observance of the community standards (the expression of violence, criminal behavior, objectionable materials, the violation of copyrights, etc.).

Tips for FB advertising

We want to present several useful tips, which are able to make you enjoy the biggest profit and many advantages of advertising on Facebook:

  • use only high-quality pictures (angle and lighting are extremely important, think about colors as well in order to make your ad stand out against the FB background)
  • refresh your ads (if you do not change a target audience, the engagement of people might become lower, thus, it is better to update your materials if you see such a tendency)
  • the application of the appropriate image specifications (the recommended width for the pictures on FB totals 600 pixels. Note that if your image has a different size, it may look not the way you wanted after resizing)
  • use minimum text
  • select the eye-catching content
  • create well-thought headlines (and include your product)
  • include information about discounts in the adverts
  • use numbers to increase CTR
  • add a call to action
  • communicate with the customers directly
  • be loyal to your brand (use corresponding colors and other features)
  • tie the picture to your message
  • make your advert match your landing page
  • try to tell a story with your advert
  • use the content, which corresponds to your goals (building brand awareness, increasing sales, etc.)
  • monitor the results of your advert campaign and test various advert options provided to find the most effective ones.

It is also possible to buy or sell Facebook groups if they are well promoted. Thus, you can get an additional profit.

If you observe the requirement of FB and use the tips described above, you can easily create a successful advertising campaign for the fast and efficient promotion of the brand.

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