Facebook is quite popular advertising platform among advertisers, but it doesn’t mean it is primitive in handling. The point is that algorithms are constantly changing and this process is unlikely to stop.

However, we think it can be forgiven for the power it gives to brands and publishers. Besides, the amount of users is so huge, and they are all different, so that everybody can find their audience at every corner of the world.

What you definitely need is a good Facebook tool that will help you to gather all this people and turn them into your customers or future co-workers.

There is no special recipe of the most successful Facebook advertising campaign as each case is unique. The trick is that you can always improve your situation by adopting simple tools. They do have manuals, but in fact, their handling is not very difficult and you can learn and adopt a lot on the go.

Of course, you will definitely need to read an instruction before implementing anything. We have created a list of 10 tools you definitely should pay attention to.

Let’s go!

Facebook Ads Manager (mobile devices edition)

Creators say that nobody knows Facebook better than it itself does it. You will have all necessary marketing tools at your disposal to have the process neat, perfect and your purse full of money.
The tool is very popular and appreciated by newcomers and old-timers.


It is a very smart helper that will show your ads only when clients are searching the things related to your stock. By using it, you will have personal treatment of each client and coverage of all the devices.


To say it one word, you will have a big creative team of professionals who will work on your ads. They will create your ads from scratch or improve your existing ones so that you will feel growth of your campaign and it is OK.


We are sure you’ll like it as it makes ad creation as simple as ABC. Variety of Facebook targeting is a good option, but you wouldn’t like to spend your life on testing them all. Luckily, you have somebody to do it for you.
The service is not free, it has $47 fee. But support and education from a professional team a sea of options are definitely worth it.


We in Absolutclick tend to say that it is one of the best tools ever created. They are a bit less visual than the previous network, but all other points are never worse.
To be more precise, it is the tool a newbie should use when he hasn’t tried anything yet, but if you are interested in more complicated solutions for your team working on the same ad – probably, you’d better be a bit careful.


Covering the only Facebook is not very wise and you would like to deal with other related platforms as well. Well, a very smart assistant is at your disposal. Budgeting, comparing, launching or pausing and all other activities can be done in one place just by several clicks.

Hootsuite Advertising

You must have heard this name before, don’t you? This tool is widely used for managing social media marketing channels and is very effective for Facebook as well.
The reason it will win your heart – just several seconds and 3-4 mouse clicks will turn even the most boring of your ads into a real masterpiece.


With this tool you will forget that design is expensive. Canva will show it can be effective and free. This tool was created to make your life easy and very beautiful.


This is the name for automated campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
Besides, there is an ocean of options available regarding budgeting, campaign scaling, rules creation and many others.
If you don’t feel confident with them, you may try it for 2 weeks for free. In case everything is ok, $49 will be your payment for comfort and joy.


If you think that you don’t need any tools for your campaigns, think BMW and Coca-Cola have applied for assistance of this one – and the results are always brilliant. Just 4 steps will help your ads to be relevant, on time ..and not very expensive.

We hope this list was useful for you. Write us about your favourite tools on Facebook to update our article with proven information!

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