Do you remember your last visit to a food store? Remember the moment when you felt thirsty and you saw 2 bottles in front of your eyes: Coca-Cola and something you have never seen before. The point is that you are very likely to choose the first variant. You may not even understand, but marketers have already worked with you before. Internet, billboards near the roads and bus stops often tell us about the brands we are used to already. This thing is called mass marketing.

The problem is that other producers of drinks, food and clothes may have not worse offers, but if the business is small and they can’t afford so big budgets on advertising and all their efforts are a drop in the ocean. The most common case is when small companies just stop doing it and try to get out of the situation by their own efforts. Good news is that they have a way out now.

Direct response advertising – a new superhero in marketing

This approach was designed to make the users react immediately and take a specific action the website owner wants: it can be adding email to the list, contacting to ask more detailed information and others.

What makes direct response ads so special?

  • You can always find the roots. It means that you always know which ad has struck in that particular case. That is completely impossible neither for TV ads, nor for mass marketing – nobody can say why you took that bottle of coke, probably you can’t explain it to yourself.
  • You have exact items for counting. After some analyzing you can see which ad is really working and how much you have received from it and can improve ads with lower performance and get rid of those that are useless at all.
  • A special trick “salesmanship in print” is actively used here, it means that the ads are more likely to look like an article with calling headlines and strong ads.
  • Targeting is maximized as the ad is focused on a specific narrow audience.
  • It encourages immediate response and the system of catching them. It means that after potential client’s calling he will be asked to get more information to get as much as possible about him. It will help to contact him outside the initial reason of contacting.
  • You have opportunity to touch your client again: it can be an invitation to the meeting, presentation, After it you can talk to your client using email, a traditional letter or a call.
  • Contacting of thinkers. There are people who are not ready to response on your actions immediately, you can get results from them later by contacting them 2-3 times during the month.

Some lines to sum up

Direct response media is almost the only way for small business to handle its processes as it focused on returning its investments. Main concept here is that as if you have bought $20 for $5 cost. You invest a bit, but if it was done wisely, the income will exceed your expectations.

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