What does “monetize” mean, the definition and meaning of “monetize”

Monetization is the process of turning a non-commercial project into a commercial one, the process of generating income in monetary terms using your own Internet resource. It is not easy to monetize some project and requires caution, ingenuity and patience. So “to monetize” can be defined as “to convert into money”.

This method of earning is successfully practiced for quite some time by webmasters in the global network. For higher incomes, you need to work hard on your resource, develop it, promote it, achieve good traffic, decent TIC and PageRank indicators – in a word, make it an attractive platform for advertisers of any kind.

For successful business is important to know the definition of monetization and its role. Simply put, monetization is the main strategy part of any business plan of any campaign. Conversion of services and products into cash is the basic of capitalism. It means that without monetization there can be no beneficial business processes.

There are many ways of monetization of a high-graded site:

• Contextual and banner advertising;
• Selling links;
• Paid content;
• Direct advertisers;
• Paid services;
• File hosting.

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