Advertisements are around us everywhere, both in real and online life. While people may get annoyed seeing pop-ups, interstitials or walls covered with ads, street bigboards, advertising meanwhile performs a very important function. They work on brand awareness, making positive image about a certain company. One may don’t mosquitos, but understands that they are a significant part of natural ecosystem, the same as ads.

In the variety of models

While everything seems to be more or less clear with offline advertising, where almost every surface can serve for posting, it is a bit more complicated when we talk about Internet. In the first case advertisers usually pay for a place where the ad will be and time of broadcasting, while in online world there are so many models like CPC, CPM, CPA and many others.

One of recent thing is CPV model that is popular for being really beneficial both for advertisers and publishers. CPV networks charge publishers not for thousand impressions or downloads, but for a view on a website. To say it simply, advertisers are to come down when a visitor simply goes to a particular website where his ad is posted.

Obviously, this model is unlikely to suit for those who have just started working on his or her website as it requires having not only big, but huge, enormous amounts of traffic. Just think, advertisers are interested in being shown to as much people as possible and if you have just started working on attracting audience to your pages, you can hardly offer anything competitive.

However, there is a good news for the case above. First of all, you can be an aid for those who have also just started their business and don’t have big budgets for advertising. Another variant is if the topic of your website is too specific and only a particular audience from the same field will be interesting for an advertiser. One more extra point from both cases – you don’t have to pay any commission to third-parties.

Solution for big businesses and lazy bones
The idea described is not so good for a big enterprise as it is really time consuming, and somebody, like Toyota or Nestle will hardly agree to be posted in one or two websites. It is just the case when wasted time is a big money.

CPV ad networks are ready to land a hand. They are multi-optional, it means that if you have decided to try on another model – you most definitely can cooperate with the same platform.

Big tycoons usually don’t have time for small stuff and CPV affiliate networks are happy to solve their problems for some commission. Some of them, like RTX platform, may need some kind of admission budget and 500-600$ is not a limit.

It sounds terrifying, but brands we named before understand that every hundred of dollars spent on ads will go back to them from their regular buyers. You know, customer always need your presence, if you are not near at the right moment, there will be somebody who will.

This also implies that the more customers interact with you, the more they buy from you – the more they remember about you. And, in case of successful dialogue, they may recommend you to their friends, colleagues and relatives etc. Last way of advertising is absolutely free, but before you reach this point of success you should invest a lot both in advertising and in your company as well.

There are no absolutely good or bad CPV advertising network. Generally, all of them offer reporting system, panel where you can regulate the process of your campaign and some other points. Popular platforms like 50onRed or AdOnNetwork may sound tempting, especially if you know that a big company uses it. It is normal to choose the best for yourself. But if you actually have no ideas where to apply, you should start with something simple and understandable, choice of your rivals from “The Mickey Mouse Company” may serve as a good example.

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