CPM (Cost Per Mile)


CPM (Cost Per Mile) model is used in online-advertising to estimate efficiency of banner ads with payment for a thousand of impressions. Companies tend to use this approach when they want to make advertisement of their company for a long term without serious counting of clicks, i.e. to work at brand awareness. Immediate sales growth is not a key point here.

The time of presence makes significant importance here. Seeing the banner with logo on a daily basis people get used to it and take it as something familiar, a part of daily routine. As a result become more loyal to the brand and are ready to know more about it.


CPM = (budget of ad campaign) / (general number of impressions) x 1000

A key CPM secret

What do you usually do when you need some tomatoes or bananas? Obviously, you will go to the greengrocery. You will certainly fail if try to find them at a music shop.

The same is true for CPM strategy: a banner will bring quality traffic only in case it was posted on a website with relevant topics. Otherwise, you will waste your money and risk to make visitors of the website unhappily surprised. People are ready to click on the ad when it corresponds to what they are reading about.

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How it works?

Coca-Cola can be a vivid example. They don’t sell their drink on the Internet and don’t worry about clicks and related staff. They are interested in recognizing and remembering a new taste by the audience, the bigger it is the better. And when you come to the store you will instinctively take already familiar bottle, rather than an unknown brand.

Advantages of the strategy:

lower costs for ads;

absence of specific requirements to the ad itself;

easy to forecast income and track the process of the ad campaign.

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