The number of mobile devices users constantly growing, only infants don’t have a smartphone yet. Website monetization is not a new practice, but what about making money from apps?

Thousands of applications are published in Appstore and PlayMarket on a daily basis, some of them are highly popular while others are hardly being downloaded no matter how bad or good they are.

In Absolutclick we know how to make your app first in the line!

We offer a modern CPI (Cost per Install) approach, i.e. you pay each time your app was downloaded, installed and opened. This model is quite popular as allows to attract traffic from bigger number of sources.

It makes no great difference whether your app is about cooking, cycling or budgeting – we know how to make your app earning money for you.


CPI = cost for publishing an advertisement / number of downloads of a mobile application

CPI was designed for free apps when an advertiser needs to have high volumes of traffic, especially at the beginning of the campaign when your brand or service is not well-known yet.

On the start it seems like being a charity, but if your app is really worth using there will be people who would like to pay to continue using it. The more downloads, the more your chance to get paid is.

Benefits of CPI marketing model

only real conversions are counted;

adequate planning of your budget.

In Absolutclick we are a team of dedicated marketers who:

  • know how to attract high quality traffic;
  • implements anti-fraud system for you to get only real and interested customers;
  • have a secret how to minimize churn rate;
  • offer flexible terms and conditions;
  • have undivided attention to your project and all its needs;
  • give personal manager to answer all your questions.

Contact us today and get a real time statistics including:

  1. LifeTime indicators (what was the amount of time people spend in your app);
  2. Average Revenue per Paying User;
  3. Churn Rate – how many people skipped or deleted the app;
  4. Registered users;
  5. Amount of people who actively use your app.

Call us to promote your app and make money immediately!

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