There are many specific notions and characteristics used in online advertising. Model of paying for the traffic is the most essential, and CPC is a bright example of it.

Cost Per Click (CPC) pricing model – is a price for a click paid by advertiser each time his advertisement was clicked by a user.

H1 Benefits from CPC

  • you pay only your ad was clicked and not simply shown;
  • you can easily calculate the budget for your campaign.

H2 When to use CPC?

  • at the start of an ad campaign;
  • remarketing;
  • for ads with poor attraction;
  • for advertising on non-specialized websites or advertising portals;
  • to increase brand awareness.

As you can see, the principles of this marketing model are simple as a pie – contact us to start your campaign right now!

H3 Price of CPC

Several factors influence on CPC cost. First of all, the ad itself, its quality and CTR. Your advertisement should correspond to the user’s request in a searching box. It is also an obligatory case that a page for redirection should contain relevant information from the ad: relevant subject matter, content, conditions etc.

Why order advertising campaign at Absolutclick?

Competitive price. We use targeted CPC. After deep analysis we offer combinations of popular, thus “expensive” words, and less in demand but at lower costs.

Manual tuning of the campaign may lead to great expenses, while we take into account such factors as: geographical location, run time, position and others.

Immediate results. Each ad is strictly moderated and we offer ad texts that will work on your company at the same day.

High efficiency. We know how to turn majority of clicks into a conversion or a call to your company.

Our customer support is online 24/7. You can start your company at any moment you feel convenient, no matter the time zone or distance.

A team of dedicated professionals. We have launched thousands of ad campaigns and know promotion secrets in various areas depending on geographical regions, gender, age and other factors.

What we offer:

  • selection of key- and negative words;
  • making and posting the ads;
  • adjustment of geotargeting, impressions and other parameters;
  • control of clicking statistics.

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