Experienced marketing sharks will tell you about thousands of techniques that are popular now, what was long ago and what can still be used. CPC is one of long-playing tricks for paid traffic that will serve you a lot.

What is CPC?

Cost Per Click model means that an advertiser will be charged for each time his ad with link to his website was clicked.It is really good as CPC, in comparison with, for example, CPM, offers us some calculations: you can see the number of those who has clicked and, thus, to understand the price of each lead.

How to calculate cost per click

CPC = cost of advertisement / number of clicks

We can’t say that $1 is a good result and $5 is a bad sign. A lot depends of the website where your ad is posted (its popularity, amount of traffic, relevancy and some other things), season, day time and many other factors.

Nowadays we have a very trendy real-time bidding approach. And here there is a double-edged weapon as well: if your bid is too low, your ad will not be posted. In case of too high offerings from you – yes, you will be posted where possible, but you will run out of money very soon.

How to win competitors

Create several ads to cover different audiences

You will have lower rates, if find that some niche was not covered by your rivals and you can enjoy victory at least for some time.

Check your CTR level

Having a big picture is much more better. Giant platforms like Google may increase payment for your ads if they are irrelevant. So, there is no way to save money less than it is possible: you will pay from the other entrance.

Let things happen

Bidding platforms offer an option to decide for users which bid will be the best. Thus, you can be in advance of your competitors for lower costs.

Bid step by step

As we said, too small bid will bring you absolutely nothing, but you can start with minimal sums and slowly increase your bidding up to the most profitable position for you.

Why it is beneficial?

CPC is one of paid search metric that can help you to see whether everything is ok, or something is wrong. Let’s compare. Companies, when want to work on brand awareness generally start CPM (Cost Per Mile) campaigns where they pay for each time the ad was just published. It is pretty difficult to track whether the user notified it all and the results are not so easy trackable. Paying for clicks doesn’t affect neither your income, nor budgets when it was just published, but nothing happened. You have work on your brand promotion for free.

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