CPA – is the best way to get profit from your website!

Monetization of a website is quite challenging task. Some of you have already tried Adsense, but tell me, who wasn’t dissatisfied with a very low level of CPC?!

A problem to convert the traffic from affiliate products was discovered by thousands of website owners…

And many more similar cases…

In Absolutclick we know the solution!

How CPA works?

What’s the deal?

Do you remember a story when a boy was paid 100 dollars when he had finished a term without bad marks? So, his father paid when a desirable action happened. That is the way CPA works!

CPA marketing model implies payment for a conversion action. For example, company ABC pays subscription for an email newsletter to get a collection of potential clients. While XYZ company sells package tours and pays for all applications fulfilled by the website visitors. Thus, advertisers are the first link in CPA model. While a second participant is a marketing agency or a website that publishes the ad. Obviously, consumer is a last link here.

Why CPA model will be the best for your business?

You can have clear count of your spendings. You pay only when a customer has made an action desirable for you;

High efficiency rate. You pay only when a lead was generated.

CPC, CPM or other approaches do not guarantee conversions while CPA works exactly for this purpose;

Your website will be always up to date. We understand that leads and conversions can increase only when you have interesting, relevant and informative content. We deal with all that staff while you should count the leads.

No financial risks. SEO, contextual advertising or other marketing approaches can become a waste of money with not relevant results. CPA is different, you have no reason to worry about money, because you pay only result of our work.

Apply for CPA in Absolutclick because we are one contact for all the cases:

  • You don’t have to trouble yourself with conversation with thousands of webmasters;
  • No need to use various apps and platforms for communication – all the details are discussed in terms of our platform;
  • We give you a personal manager – you can ask him any question at a convenient time;
  • We will find relevant websites according to your requests and specificity of your product.

We work while you enjoy your business.

Call us to get more information and a piece of advice!

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