It is an often case that after googling a certain thing or notion we may see the ads from this topic later. All the clicks obtained from such ads is what we call contextual traffic.

The value of such traffic is really great, because people may suddenly stop searching and get distracted by other activities, or follow a link from their friends with a funny video or something like that. And contextual ads they work as a kind reminder: Hey, guy, you were looking for this thing and we have it, hurry up to purchase.

Contextual traffic is not really expensive, but is still highly appreciated by affiliates. A key secret here for those who want to drop into is to make the ads vivid. Nowadays we have a lot of media sources to make the banner intriguing, no matter static or animated, and add really worth call to action.

Contextual advertising is exactly the point where an advertiser and a publisher (a search system or a website) can win and earn. Bright logos and attractive slogans may not strike into conversion, but a person will remember the brand and more likely to prefer it when a choice should be made. Publisher, in its turn, gets money on its traffic that could probably have been obtained long ago, but why not to make some money from it?

Main advantage of contextual traffic is that only people interested in the area will see your ad, random is not included. That’s why ads of such type is the most powerful tool in CPA marketing campaigns.

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