More and more publishers are looking for the methods to make money online posting ads. Today there are lots of ways to increase your income with minimum efforts. In this article, we are going to observe methods of moneymaking with the help of your blog.

Blog adverts

Blogging is one of the most popular hobbies among modern people. Many of them start writing about something interesting for them and gradually become famous among the audience. With a significant amount of readers, it is recommended to think about turning such an occupation into a source of passive income. If you are not ready to spend too much time and invest in something, the best solution for you is to discover the world of advertising. With the great amount of traffic, most websites with ads make money doing nothing.

Let’s consider how to make money posting ads online in the most efficient ways:

1. PPC and CPM advertising

PPC is one of the most popular pricing models used in online advertising. When the advert is clicked, the advertisers are to pay a commission to the publisher. For the realization of this model, it is possible to use the following resources:

  • Infolinks (it is used for in-text advertising with a 70% revenue share, the advert is shown when it is clicked)
  • (it deals with contextual adverts with relevant keywords; special algorithms define the best keywords for your blog)
  • Chitika (it requires minimal investment and deals with contextual ads).

CPM networks are resources, which offer to pay you for a thousand impressions/views of the ad. Thus, you can set a definite number of views and a price. You will be paid as soon as the number will be reached. There are various platforms working with this model, for instance, PulsePoint.

2. Adverts selling

It is necessary to create an ‘Advertise With Us’ page, where you can offer various ad formats available with monthly prices. It is vital to add your traffic stats. There are third-party resources, which you can use instead of offering adverts in your own blog:

  • BuySellAds
  • BlogAds.

3. Text links selling

It is a good choice for blogs with significant traffic. All you need is to link a part of your text to the webpage on the other site. However, it is important to use a Nofollow tag in order not to be penalized. There are special networks for text-link ads, for example, LinkWorth.

4. Pop-up adverts

The majority of bloggers do not like such adverts. However, they can still be used as a source of income. You can apply PopAds platform, where pop-under adverts are offered. It works perfectly with English-speaking traffic.

5. Paid reviews

Writing reviews on various products/services in your blog is a wonderful way to make money. It requires a bit more efforts but the profit from it will be impressive. It is better to select the products, which you have already tried. In this case, your audience will trust you and never stop reading your blog. The price for such a service depends on the popularity of your blog, incoming traffic, and a category selected. Try special resources, which will help you find customers and earn money by writing reviews:

  • SponsoredReviews (via this network, bloggers can find SEO Optimizers, Marketers, and Advertisers, you can also offer paid writing services to thousands of clients)
  • PayU2Blog (this network has a very strict requirement, so not all the blogs are accepted. There are different categories offered. It is preferable to write on the basis of personal experience and honest opinion).

The options for bloggers described above are good alternatives to the application of Google AdSense. Thus, you can try one or several of them to start getting more profit from the occupation you love with no or minimal investments and efforts. It is advisable to diversify the streams of your income in order to achieve more.

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