Companies quite often see the way of monetization in selling and getting revenue from their products. It is really so, but plenty of monetize solutions. You can earn money on monetising any product you have: it can be an app, a website. Participating in affiliate marketing also counts.

B2C brands are often focused on strategy, B2B ones can fin their job in revenue making.

Of course, it is important to be focused on your main products, but there is no betrayal in getting money from some other options.

There are thousand of options and platforms for monetizing your application or website, but you should know several tips to escape the most common mistakes and achieve success quicker.

Study your variants

Before choosing anything, you should understand what kind of selection you have.
Advertising monetization starts the list of the most popular variants. They are typical graphical ads, for example, banners, text ads, they are seen when the page is loaded.

Great impact here is on traffic amount you have. Two common options are to make money from showing ads by thousands, when the click is absolutely not important (CPM model) or to charge advertisers after each click that was made on their ad published at your playground.

There are also more variants, for example:
Software loadres can perform their main function and combine it with goods advertising and showing special offers.

Say what you want

Right choice of monetization platform also depends on your desires and goals a lot. The idea of making money is not enough. When you have come to conclusion what you want to achieve – the amount of variants will be much more less. It is not bad, it means that you will not have to run around the bushes searching your bone – you already know where to go to take it.

Who are the people you focused on?

Specificy of the audience you are interested in will influence on your strategy behaviour.

If your point of interest is younger generation – offer them something technical, like add-on in browser. They are more technically skilled and more likely to respond on your efforts.

The type of the ads will be greatly depend on what you show and not only from which platform.

Platform of monetization you have chosen should be obligatory carefully studied

When you want to have a new company as a partner, you certainly read feedbacks bout it, its history, memories of ex-workers – whatever you can find. And that’s pretty normal, as we all want to understand what to expect from the second party.

You should behave the same here – find all possible information, as a nice website may hide unpleasant things while we are talking about your income and, maybe, reputation. Any ad published on your website will be reflected on your business, you should do you best not to make it dirty.

Bottom line

So great amount of monetization platforms give us freedom in find the best way to have some extra money and extra experience. You may not earn for Ferrari, but a glass of beer with friends is also quite good.

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