Advertising is a modern tool for a better reach of a target audience. Every brand needs to build a well-thought marketing strategy for the successful promotion and development of business. There exist multiple advertising methods, which are effective when working in the complex. In the article, we are going to observe examples of advertising and their meaning for a marketing strategy.

Advertising methods

When you start your business or need to promote your product presenting it to the audience, it is vital to think about a strategy. It includes the application of various advertising tools and marketing approaches. Consider several ways to advertise your product, which should be included in a marketing plan:

1. Digital advertising

More and more people use the Internet to know about brands, to share their opinion, and to purchase. That’s why online advertising became an integral part of a marketing strategy for any brand owner. Besides, such adverts are a key driver for a profit increase on the Internet. You see them on almost every page and social network you visit. To achieve higher efficiency, it is recommended to use native advertising platforms. Thus, your ad will match the content of the page/social network and won’t look annoying to the visitors. There are various platforms providing the placement of your ads on the appropriate resources to reach a target audience. Consider the most popular of them:

  • Google Adsense and Google AdWords
  • LinkedIn (it is more suitable for business-to-business cooperation)
  • social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • video advertising platforms (for example, YouTube), etc.

There are various types of digital ads such as paid search, social media, native ads (they are similar to traditional commercials), display ads, etc.

2. Mobile advertising

Various portable devices become popular to access the Internet and make purchases. Moreover, the users often use such gadgets instead of PCs. Which is why it is important to add such an advert type to any marketing strategy. It is a good decision to use social networks for mobile advertising. Thus, you can even find new customers. Mobile ads also refer to the digital type of media. All the other types of advertising are considered traditional.

3. Print advertising

Despite the fact that online and mobile ads become more widespread, it is required to use print advertising as a part of a marketing strategy. Today it still takes the greatest part of a budget. In fact, many purchasers are tired of digital adverts, so they are glad to see something new and creative. There are 3 varieties of print media:

  • periodicals (the adverts, which are placed in newspapers/magazines, which are regularly issued)
  • brochures (they are created as separate entities, the form of customers engagement is more intimate and long)
  • direct mails (they contain any type of printed materials, for instance, leaflets, catalogs, brochures, which are sent to the customers by mail. Such materials should be creative and interesting; otherwise, there are risks to turn into junk mails).

4. Broadcast advertising

TV and radio are two important forms of communication and advertising channels. Using them for the promotion of your brand, you can reach a wider audience.

5. Outdoor advertising

This type of advertising allows reaching people when they are out of their home. There are various kinds of OOH adverts available to the marketers including posters, billboards, digital boards, etc.

6. Product placement advertising

In this case, for the promotion of the brand, the ads are placed in movies or in shows. It is not an explicit type of advertising, so it does not look annoying. For instance, the participants of a show can drink the water of a definite brand.

7. Guerrilla advertising

Using creativity and innovations, marketers create adverts, which you can participate or interact with.

8. Public service advertising

The main purpose of such adverts is to inform and educate the customers. This way of marketing is extremely popular on TV, radio, and even the Internet.

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