Almost all ad networks provide advertising on the web site of a small publisher and let them monetize the site. Best ad networks for small publishers usually work with publishers on CPM (Cost Per Millenium – pay-per-impression), CPC/PPC (Cost Per Click – pay-per-click) or CPA (Cost Per Install or Cost Per Action – pay-per-install or action) models. In connection with the decline of conventional banner advertising, almost all advert networks are experimenting with forms and presentation of advertisements.

Three best ad networks for small publishers that have no requirements on the minimum rate of traffic


Today in the world of affiliate marketing it is one of the famous, trusted advertising networks. It is not just because of the thing that the brand’s name is ideally suited to the query “pop ads + buy + traffic” and any search engine offers it. Those who own a website and intend to sell traffic: this network provides the fastest and highest payouts, with a super-fast site administration process.

Revenue Hits

The network uses contextual advertising that target needed geo-locations. These technologies guarantee good revenue for any:

  • add-on;
  • website;
  • mobile site;
  • toolbar;
  • widget, so on.

Daily it gives more than two billion ad views with a 100 percent guarantee of geographical coverage of all regions. It does not just display, show ads. PopAds allows monetizing a site using:

  • widget;
  • pop-up;
  • application;
  • text ad;
  • XML channel and others.


To immediately understand what we are dealing with, PropellerAds is a huge mega-firm serving more than 600 million views daily, of which over 200 million are of a clicker format. To ensure high quality adverts they provide manual scan to protect customers from suspicious and unsafe advertisers.

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