Our main goal is to give advertisers as most possible quality traffic.

With our company you will have the access to powerful sources of traffic. We have deals with the biggest companies in online services. Besides, they provide us with large volumes from all over the globe. So that you could reach to any type of advertising systems and tools.
Also, we provide programmatic types of advertising so that you won’t have any problems with the set up or start of any campaign. You can do this by yourself if you wish as well as with our help. Our support works hardly to make the set up of each client correctly.
Absolutclick works with large amounts of money so that there can be any possible volumes of traffic that you need. You can give us any ideas or ads that you would like to advertise. Surely, we can make necessary settings to achieve the best ROI and KPI’s of your campaigns.
You won’t be disappointed at any period of working with us as we give bonuses to our clients. More then 300 advertisers already work with us on a long-term partnership since 2010.
Just take a chance to take a look at the performance of your campaigns. You can try to manage any ads, place them on our platform and watch the results. We ensure you in the best optimization process that will be done from our side as well. You won’t be alone after the start of the campaign as we will not only give you all the stats and access but also make optimizations to help achieve your goals.
There will be a wide range of services, just try us!


Our company offers fast payouts for all advertisers. As usual, we work on an NET 30 basis, but this can be discussed. Also, you can choose different types of publishers with different payouts as well.


You can target all devices and choose among them. Without a doubt, this will help to reach the concrete client. Our company will make a research what type of device will suit better for your campaign.

Time limits 

You can set up the time limits to your campaign to be sure that the exact user will see your ad at the exact time. For different geo’s time frames differ. We’ll let you know in what country you should make time limits at it’s best.


All our advertisers have full 24/7 support that is online and ready to help at any moment. Our staff has only professionals so that you’ll receive quality solution to your needs.

Audience targeting 

The best way to have high KPI’s from online campaign is to choose correct audience for it. We have an option to choose among age and even gender. This is very easy – just reach out to have the access to our platform and create your own audience.

Ad solutions 

As we work with all types of online ads – we can make native advertising as well. This means that any ad that you would like to run with us through multiply sources will fit to each of them. We have deals with all our partners and we know all their policies, so there won’t be any problems with this.

Budget limits

You can make a prepayment and divide your budget to concrete parts and even concrete limits per hour/day. This might help you to spend as much as you wish.


Absolutclick works almost with every category. As a result, you may choose the one that you would prefer to start. Also there is an option to delete a category that you won’t ever start in your campaigns and it won’t show again.


  These option helps advertisers to choose only quality sources. If you start your campaign and don’t like any site – you can easily block it by yourself or write about this straightly to us. In the other hand – you can leave only those sites that suits you best using white list.


As Absolutclick is one of the largest companies in online marketing – we have tons of quality traffic. If you have a question – how much should I buy? As much as you wish, we can give you everything.